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Economics - MAE202, MAE302, MAE322 Empty Economics - MAE202, MAE302, MAE322

Post  aldaly1 on Tue Jul 26, 2011 1:09 pm

I am selling textbooks for the following subjects:

MAE202: National Economic Policy - Textbook: Macroeconomics Edition 2 by Dornbusch, Bodman, Crosby, Fischer & Startz - Still in good condition $60

MAE302: Macroeconomics of Open Economics - Textbook: International Economics Theory & Policy Edition 8 by Krugman & Obstfeld - Still in good condition - $70

MAE322: Economics and the Environment - Textbook: Environmental & Natural Resource Economics Edition 8 by Tom Tietenberg and Lynne Lewis - Cheap version $30

Email me at if interested.




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